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Styptic Powder will quickly stop bleeding due to clipping nails or wings, or for minor, cuts to the skin such as nicks from shaving. It is not recommended for use on deep cuts that require stitches or on severe wounds or body cavities.

Styptic Powder is a health care product for pets that will stop bleeding caused by trimming your pet’s (dog, cat, bird) claws and accidentally clipping too far back, which nicks the blood vessel in the claw (nail).

Doing so can result in a rush of blood. Unlike human fingernails, dogs, cats and birds have blood vessels that run down the center of their thick claw.

Ingredients: bentonite, diatomaceous earth, aluminum chloride, ferric sulfate
Function: Stop bleeding, relieve wound and itching

1*Pet Styptic Powder

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1.【Convenient to Use】For cuts or wounds put the pet dog styptic powder directly on the bleeding wound and press with two fingers until the bleeding stops.

2.【Stop Bleeding in Seconds】Use wound sealant powder to stop bleeding from tears, abrasions and wounds in seconds. This innovative powder combines with blood to form an instant scab that seals in dirt and impurities to help speed healing.

3.【Easy to Carry】Travel friendly, small and portable, can be put in your pocket, purse, backpack or carry-on luggage. Take hemostatic powder with you on the playground, on camping or on vacation, take care of your pets and take care of your health.

4.【Mild and Non-irritating】The hemostatic powder adopts a mild and non-stinging formula, which is safe for pets to use and will not make pets feel afraid.

5.【Applicable Scene】 The high-grade pet styptic powder is used for skin bleeding caused by cutting nails; scratches and claws bleeding caused by fighting.


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