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We are fully committed to the health, hygiene and HAPPINESS of your best friends. Be they furry, feathery, or scaly, we have the best products.


I had so many different kinds of pet and "pets" throughout my life and learned as much as I could about each. I worked in the veterinary field for a few years. I have rescued and fostered several dogs and worked with rescue organizations to help with foster, placements and transportation. I have worked with many different species in behavior training.


YouTube training videos have been a useful tool, there are several great series to help work with your pet. I have attended 100 training classes with just 1 Great Dane for example


With 40 years of experience as a pet lover, I have a lot information on products plus so much more to share with you. Currently, I have 2 Great Danes, one is a rescue and I have previously owned many breeds of dogs and different species from birds to snakes.

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At The Pet Domain we are here to help you give your pet the best care the best possible way! We offer great products, advice for your pets, and recipes for natural remedies and treats. There is a lot out there for our pets today and we will guide you to what you need for your pet! Of course we have extras for learning, fun and bonding. We even have a section for the owners!

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