10pcs Cuttlefish Bone For Birds & Reptiles Health


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The Bird Cuttlebones for birds and reptiles is a must-have.

Specification:birds and reptiles
Name: Bird Cuttlebones for
Material: Cuttlefish Bone
Size: About 5-7cm/1.96*2.75inch

Packing List:
10*Bird Cuttlebones for birds and reptiles

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1.10 Pieces Cuttle Bone Bulk: Designed with 10 pieces for each package, The Cuttlebone for Birds is equipped with aluminum-made safe holder, easy to use and convenient to store, perfect for small and medium birds and reptiles.

2.Bird Toys for Sharp Beaks: The 10pcs Cuttlebone for Parakeet is a cage entertainment toy for your pet birds, featuring rough textures that can help support the strength of beaks, and keep their beaks in tip shape.

3.Wide Application: The Natural Cuttle Bone is processed ready-to-use, which is suitable for all kinds of birds and reptiles such as canaries, finches, parrots, parakeets, budgies, cockatiels, turtles, snails, etc., improving their physical health.

4.Easy Installation: Equipped with aluminum holders, the 10pcs Cuttlefish Bone for Birds re safe for pets and sturdy, easy to be installed on the birds’ cages and anywhere you need.

5.High-grade Material: Made from natural cuttlefish Bone, the Bird Cuttlebones for Parakeet is safe and healthy for your pets to chew and play with. There may be some black spots to keep their original state.

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