3PCS Natural Calming Collar For Cats and Dogs Adjustable Anxiety Pheromone Reducing Lasting


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3PCS Effective Safe Calming Collar For Cats Dogs Adjustable Anxiety Pheromone Reducing Pet Collar Lasting Natural Calm


1. Natural,Safe and Effective: This calming collar imitates maternal pheromones that reassure dogs and cats. Pets remember and respond to the pheromones throughout their lives. This simulates the natural way pets cope with anxiety and stress. All with the soothing fragrance of essential oils of lavender and chamomile. Lavender and chamomile essential oils help relieve tension and anxiety effectively.

2. Waterproof: This calming collar for dogs and cats is waterproof. So your beloved furry friend isn’t afraid to swim, bathe or play in the rain in a strange place. You don’t have to worry when your dog or cat is playing in the water. Your pet can be comfortable and calm in any situation. And safe for long-term use. No harm and no addiction.

3. Adjustable Size and Easy to Use: The 62cm/38cm length fits most dogs and cats, the length can be adjusted. The material of this anti-anxiety collar is solid and reliable, but it can also be cut.So you can also cut off the extra length if needed.

4. Long-Lasting Calming Effect for 60 Days: The 60 days calming collar for dogs and cats continue to function 24 hours a day, valid for up to 2 months. The lavender calming collar helps reduce the stress of your pets effectively. The active ingredients will function well during the period of validity, which means you don’t need to change frequently, save your effort.

5. Great for Reducing Pet Fear or Stress: Great for relieving pet anxiety or fear caused by travel, outdoor activities, pet solitary activities, veterinarian visits, fireworks, thunderstorms and other noisy or unfamiliar environments. It can also help pets feel comfortable by relieving symptoms such as licking their lips, barking, panting, drooling and whimpering, toilet problems in the home, and damaging items in the home.


Name: Pet Cat Calming Collar

Material: Plastics

Size: 62cm/38cm

Lasting Protection: 2 Months

Package Included:

3* Pet Calm Collar

Additional information

Brand Name



Collars, Dogs

Collar Type

Basic Collars





Is Smart Device



Mainland China








All seasons

Feature 1

Pet Cat Calming Collar

Feature 2

Emotion Mood Control Collar

Feature 3

Adjustable Pet Calm Collar

Feature 4

Relieve Reduce Anxiety or Stress

Feature 5

Anxiety Stress Reduction Pacify Soothing

Feature 6

Lasting Natural Calm Relax Soothing Collars

Feature 7

Remove Restlessness Protection Pet Supplies

Feature 8

Pet Calming Anxiety Relief Collar


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